Many people think that hiring a house cleaning service is only for the well-off. However, that isn’t really the case anymore.

In a majority of households, both parents work or perhaps it’s a single parent household with constrained time.

Weekends are filled with kid’s activities, family gatherings, laundry, grocery shopping, errands and more.

Who has time to clean the house? Other than us of course.


Wikipedia defines the word need as “something that is necessary for an organism to live a healthy life”.

We have all been taught that there is a difference between needs and wants.

However, these needs and wants are not set in stone and can shift in different stages of life or situation such that what was a “want” in a carefree youth can shift to a “need” in a more duty bound adult or ven vice versa.

With that in mind, consider the following issues:

1 – This weekend will see you grocery shopping, working on some deliverables, cooking, helping the kids with their projects, hauling the kids to soccer practice and swimming classes and who are you kidding, you know you won’t get around to doing the deep cleaning that needs to be done.

The kids are too little to do much and your spouse is in heads down end of the quarter work mode.

However, it is absolutely imperative that the house gets cleaned and you don’t have the time, nor the physical or mental energy to get it done. What do you do?

2 – You are a new parent. Newborn babies require lots of time, energy, and the ability to go on less sleep.

You have to rest when the little one is resting which means stealing sleep in increment of two hours, leaving you exhausted and too tired to do anything else, much less do household chores.

Which is why one of the best gifts a person can get a new mom is a gift card for a cleaning service.

3 – Let’s go back to item 1. You find yourself worn out after the weekend, starting the week tired and overwhelmed.

There is so much to do and being gone 50 hours a week, plus homework with the kids, dinner, and bedtime rituals, there is no time for cleaning during the week.

So, the weekend becomes filled with cleaning the house. But then where is your free time?

Where is the time to spend with your loved ones, unhurried, unrushed and without that low level of anxiety that is a result of constant multi-tsking?

Is that the life you want to live? Shouldn’t you outsource one of these tasks, like getting a home cleaning service?

4 – Maybe you find that you just aren’t good at cleaning. People with ADHD struggle with cleaning as it requires too much focus.

Or having small children is a distraction and sometimes cleaning is an impossible task – akin to brushing your teeth while eating Oreos!

In that case, a great solution is to hire a cleaning service.

5 – One of the most common reasons for fights between people in relationships is arguments over chores, including cleaning.

Hiring a house cleaning service eliminates this reason for arguments and reduces friction in the relationship.

So even though you may think you can’t afford it, hiring a house cleaning service can be considered a “need” depending on your circumstance and is actually an efficient use of your time and money.

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