Discover In This Article 5 Surprising Places Germs Hide In Your Office

Do you know that some areas of your office are hotspots for germs? You might not know this, but there’s a good chance that your clean looking office has some hidden threats lurking around. In essence, some areas in the office (mostly employee workspaces) could have a number of invisible health dangers, and that alone can affect productivity and of course, increase employee absence rates.

So what’s the point?

Well, it’s pretty simple — many germs can be hiding in your workplace environment, and as we know, they are incredibly harmful to one’s health. And to make matters worse, one sick employee can infect several others — we’re pretty sure you get the point!

That said, it’s in your best interest to learn more about these hotspots and of course, figure out how to tackle them on a regular basis.

Here are five problem areas you wouldn’t want to ignore:

Places Germs Hide In Your Office?

1. Desks

First off, your workspace desk can be a breeding ground for disease-causing germs. Today, it’s pretty obvious that your employees spend long hours at the desk trying to take care of a thing or two, but unknown to them, they’re sharing the space with more than 10 million bacteria!

The thing is, the desk in your office can be dirtier than the toilet especially if you fail to clean up every now and then. Just do yourself a favour — use disinfecting wipes to clean your desk on a regular basis and of course, never fail to hire office cleaning professionals for a deeper clean; do this at least once a week.

2. Keyboards

Let’s face it; the computer keyboards are yet another hotspot for germs, and of course, you would be wrong to ignore it. Since keyboards are being touched all day, you can only imagine how much germs are transferred to them without your consent.

That said, it’s in your best interest to unplug them and wipe with a good cleaner — try to do this regularly.

places germs hide

3. Phones

You might not know this, but office phones can be worse than your desks and keyboards. Why? Well, it’s only because of how close you hold them to your face or mouth.

That said, germs can be easily transferred onto the surface, and of course, it may end up infecting another user. With this in mind, you won’t be wrong to give your office phone a thorough clean ensuring that germs and bacteria are removed accordingly.

4. Chair Arms

It’s also important to note that the arms of your workplace chairs can be home to countless germs and bacteria. The thing is, those super comfortable chairs with armrests can do more harm than good; employees usually touch them with their hands, and of course, you have no idea of what they’ve been doing all day!

That said, we recommend you pay attention to the cleaning of seating furniture and ensure employees take care of the arms of their chairs as well.

5. Printing/Photocopier

As we know, just about everyone in the office operates a printer or photocopier every now and then; so you won’t be wrong to see it as a spot to share germs and bacteria.

Essentially, it’s great to emphasize washing of hands after each use or better still, keep a hand sanitiser by the machine to reduce the spread of germs.

So there you have it!

These are top five places nasty germs may be hiding in your office — now it’s up to you to look around and of course, get things fixed.

Remember, a clean office environment is key to a healthy and productive workforce.

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