Clean Open House: Best 5 Cleaning Tips

You’ve made the big decision to place your home on the market – congrats! If you don’t have the money to fully stage a home, there are ways you can clean your house and give it that “wow” factor other houses on the market may not have.

Giving someone a clean palette to look at may help them imagine themselves living there much easier.

Check out how to get that sold sign shining on your front line a lot faster with these cleaning tips for an open house!

Clean For An Open House: Best 5 Cleaning Tips

Remember That It’s Not Always About the Interior

When it comes to selling a home, curb appeal is everything and can make or break a potential buyer’s decision.

It’s important that the exterior of a home isn’t neglected, and you should clear away any sort of debris, leaves, or dead brush.

Make sure the flower beds look great and the lawn is in pristine condition. Trim the grass, and make sure the paint is looking fresh.

Front doors are extremely important, so make sure it’s clean and has a fresh coat of paint.

Hiring a Professional Is Worth the Money

When you think about professional cleaning in Maryland, you may think that it’s “too much” and that you can handle the cleaning job yourself – after all, you’ve made it this far in life.

However, a professional cleaning service for clean for an open house, will be able to take that task off of your list, while making your home look like it’s never had a spill in it!

Make it smell great, look great, and feel great with a professional cleaning service in Maryland.

Declutter is a Part of the Cleaning Process

Most people have a clutter problem when it comes to the cleanliness of their home, and there’s nothing worse than someone walking into a potential home, and loving the curb appeal, only to realize that the inside of like a hoarder’s house.

There are many people that can’t picture their lives in a home they can’t fully see the shape and space of, so it’s important you give them a decluttered space to let their imaginations run wild.

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Take Personalization Out of the Picture

Cleaning your home for an open house isn’t just about decluttering and making it smell nice, it’s also about personalization.

While your family may be beautiful, a person doesn’t want to walk in and see someone else’s life there – they want to see their own in that house and make their own memories.

Even though it may be subconsciously, it can put them off and make them look towards another.

Bring Pets to a Friend’s Home

You should never leave your pets home during an open house – especially alone.

Dogs bark, and since there will be strangers coming in and out, you don’t want to frighten either party.

Some people are scared of dogs and have issues with them, and there are dogs that shouldn’t be subjected to such stress.

Bring your pet to a friend or family’s house to keep everyone happy.

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Make the Home Smell Great

Infuse the air in your home with a smell like warm chocolate chip cookies or something tropical depending on the season. When you do this, people are more likely to remember your home during their decision process.

If you’re someone that needs a one-time cleaning before their open house, contact Ana Cleaning Service at 240-485-4045 today.

Let’s get that house sold!