Are you wondering about the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner in Maryland?

Like any investment, it’s useful to compare the costs with the benefits. Everyone has different reasons for hiring cleaners.

Plus, everyone has different income levels and budgets.

Some may consider hiring a cleaner a must-have necessity. While others consider it a luxurious indulgence.

No matter how you look at it, you should consider hiring a house cleaner in Maryland as worth your investment.

If you have never used a cleaner before, you are probably spending plenty of time doing the cleaning yourself — or not!

If you’re busy working and running a household, you might find that cleaning is the last thing you’d like to do after a hectic day.

So, either you’re living in an unclean house, or you’re forgoing valuable free time, sleep or relaxing in order to keep the home clean.

When you start enjoying the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner in Maryland, you can soon get addicted to the benefits of arriving home to a freshly cleaned space.

But we’d like to list some additional benefits that you may have overlooked.

Benefits Of Hiring A House Cleaner In Maryland

Hiring a cleaner benefit #1: more family time (or me time)

Before hiring us, many of our hardworking clients were spending each weekend cleaning the house. Is this what you want to do with your precious spare time?

If you have children, they grow up so fast. Spending quality time together as a family is not something that can wait.

Before you know it, those adorable kids have grown into grumpy teens who don’t want to go on family adventures. (Actually, even teens need quality family time, though they’d never admit it.)

Instead of spending the weekend cleaning, you can enjoy more time with the family.

Waking up on a Saturday morning knowing the house is already spotlessly clean… it never gets old.

If you’ve got a busy weekend of engagements, you don’t have to neglect a clean house while you’re out having fun — you can have both!

It’s not just about family time; how about a bit of peaceful relaxation for yourself?

Instead of scrubbing grout, relax in the bath with a good book and a glass of wine.

Enjoy cooking up a gourmet meal without having to scrub the surfaces down first.

Or take the time to improve your health with exercise, meditation or retail therapy at the shops.

Hiring a cleaner benefit #2: grow your hobby, business or side hustle

Another one of the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner in Maryland is spare time to grow or start a business.

If you’re one of the 61% of American businesses who are sole traders, working to grow your business is far more beneficial than spending time scrubbing your toilet.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of starting a side hustle, but lack the time?

Getting a cleaner helps you claw back precious hours that you need to get started as a consultant, artist, maker or freelancer.

If you stick at it, the newfound income can more than cover the cost of the cleaner and give you and your family a valuable source of additional income too.

If you’re not interested in starting a business, there’s always more time for hobbies.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn yoga, study calligraphy or tinker with repairing old Volkswagens.

You only have one life, so if you dream of writing a book, becoming a photographer or mastering the piano — hire a cleaner and use your cleaning time to do what you’ve always wanted!

Hiring a house cleaner in Maryland benefit #3: unexpected guests are not embarrassing

Have you ever had the neighbour pop over to borrow a cup of sugar? Or family stop by because they were “in the area”?

Or your parents call to say they’ll be at your place in five minutes? So you do a mad dash of frantic tidying before they arrive.

With a cleaner on your team you can confidently ask people back to your place for a drink without worrying about what your home looks like.

Spur-of-the-moment in invitations for play dates, coffee with friends or drinks after dinner are now yours to enjoy.

You can host a family barbecue without spending hours cleaning before guests arrive, so you’re exhausted by the time the doorbell first rings.

Hiring a cleaner benefit #4: fewer marital arguments (about who’s doing more cleaning)

It’s quite common for couples to argue about cleaning.

Traditionally, housework was a woman’s responsibility, but now more women are working and contributing to the family income, it doesn’t seem fair that they’re still expected to do more housework.

This can so often become the cause of tension in the marriage.

A recent study found that for married couples with children, women do 30 hours per week on housework, while men do half that, at 15 hours per week.

No wonder it’s a common source of disagreements!

Of course every household is different, but if there’s any kind of inequality around housework, with one partner doing more work and the other doing more relaxing, then there’s bound to be tension.

One of the problems is unconscious overclaiming, a tendency observed by writer Gretchen Rubin who says that we unconsciously overestimate our contributions or skills relative to other people’s.

In Gretchen’s case, she complains about the time she spends paying household bills, while forgetting that her husband does all the food shopping or car maintenance.

Hiring a house cleaner in Maryland solves all that once and for all.

When the cleaner does the work, unconscious overclaiming doesn’t matter, and nor does genuine frustration at your spouse’s lack of cleanliness.

Because everything is taken care of by the cleaner, and to a higher standard, too.

A cleaner won’t cut corners with the vacuuming or forget about the upstairs toilet — it will be all done exactly as you require, week in, week out.

Hiring a house cleaner in Maryland benefit #5: healthier homes

When you are struggling to maintain housework, your home isn’t cleaned regularly.

This makes it more likely you’ll have allergens and dust building up through the home.

Do you or your family suffer from asthma, respiratory problems or eczema? Then, it’s important to keep the home free of triggers that may cause symptoms.

Even if no one is a sufferer, it’s still nice to have a fresh clean home with that lovely clean house smell to enjoy.

One of the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaner in Maryland is the reduced risk of allergens like dust, mold and mites brewing in your home.

If you don’t have a cleaner, you probably don’t have time to do a deep thorough clean often enough.

This leads to unwanted nasties lurking through dusty corners, cobwebs on the ceiling, mold in the grout and more.

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If you have a regular cleaner, you can feel confident that the air in your house is much cleaner and fresher. Even more if you use a housekeeping service.

Get someone else to take care of changing sheets, cleaning out the fridge or vacuuming up pet hair.

Hiring a cleaner benefit #6: get the job done right

Are you struggling with your busy schedule to keep your house clean? You are most likely cutting corners.

Because you don’t have the time or energy to do the deep clean your home needs. Naturally, because you’re busy you can’t do everything!

But when you hire a professional house cleaner in Maryland, things are different. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that everything will be done thoroughly.

Not only will professional cleaners get into every last nook and cranny, they are more gentle too. They know which products to use on which surfaces.

Or when harsh scrubbing can cause damage to your laminate, tiles or benchtop. So there’s less chance of cleaning-related damage.

Plus, if you haven’t been using a cleaner for a while, buildup of dust and mold makes for a bigger job.

We’ve all seen bathroom grout that’s loaded with mold — it’s impossible to clean; often re-grouting is the only solution.

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Regular cleaning prevents bigger problems like this arising. For example, dust hidden behind a freestanding bath can accumulate.

When it combines with a splash of water from the tub, it dries out. This can be a huge pain to clean, especially in a tight corner.

Rather have a cleaner do it? Me too!

So, to summarise: 6 unexpected benefits of hiring a cleaner

  1. More family time (or me time)
  2. Time for hobbies, business or side hustles
  3. No unexpected guest embarrassment
  4. Fewer marital arguments
  5. Healthier homes
  6. Get the job done better, protect your assets

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