Changing houses is a really exciting time where you get to re-imagine your whole life and live in a new space, but it takes a lot of work and one of the biggest chores is move out cleaning.

You want to leave your old place looking great, not only for the next person who is moving in, but also because your security deposit might depend on you successfully completing an apartment move out cleaning.

When you are moving out it can help to make a move out cleaning checklist, so that you make sure that everything gets done before handing over the keys to the landlord. If you are having trouble finding the time to get your old place really clean before moving, you may consider hiring a move out cleaning service to make sure you get your full deposit back and can count on your landlord for a good reference in the future.

To help you get your move out cleaning done right we have made this list with seven steps to a successful move out cleaning.

Use this guide and you will be sure to have your old house cleaned well so that everything will work out as best as it can.

Pack Everything

The first step to a successful move out cleaning is to pack all of your things. A big part of a successful move out cleaning is to make sure you only have to clean once. If you are cleaning and then packing, you might kick up dust and have to clean over again.

Get everything into boxes that you need and put them near the exit so that you will be ready to move them out of the house. If you need to wait to move into your new place, keep all of your boxes ready to go by the door until they can be moved out.

You want to keep everything out of the way so that you can clean other areas, and you also need to be able to get out of the door, of course. Be careful that you don’t stack your boxes too high where they could fall on someone and hurt them.

Read Your Lease

You want to read the part of your lease that explains what is expected from your cleaning move out time. When you know what they expect from you about your move out cleaning it will make it easy to know exactly how much you have to clean.

You especially want to look for if you need to do things like repair holes in the wall from hanging pictures and whatnot, as repairing holes in the wall can take time and you may even need to hire someone to help you.

You can also talk to your landlord if they are available and see what kinds of things they will look for from your move out cleaning. Sometimes a lease agreement will have more strict expectations about the move out cleaning than what the landlord will look for in reality.

Move Everything Out

Hopefully you will be able to move out of your old house with enough time to give your apartment a thorough cleaning after everything is out of the house. Having everything out of the house will make it so that your old stuff is not in the way of your cleaning duties.

Also moving your stuff out of the house could kick up dirt, which then will need to be cleaned. Remember a big goal is to clean everything only once.

If you need to make a quick turn around with moving everything on the day your lease ends, you might consider hiring a moving company to make it all go faster. You may also need to hire move out cleaners to make sure that everything gets done well and in a timely manner.

Clean From Top To Bottom

When you start your move out cleaning you want to be sure that you start from the top of the rooms. This means things like dusting or washing the ceiling, dusting the ceiling fan blades and cleaning the ceiling light fixtures.

When you clean the places that are up high, you will kick up some dust that will then settle down on to the ground. Following our rule to try to clean things just once, if you cleaned the ground before the ceiling, you would end up needing to clean the floor twice.

If you cleaned the floor before the ceiling, the ceiling dust would fall onto the floor and it would need to be cleaned again.

So you can see that you definitely want to clean from the top of your apartment to the bottom so that you will be doing less work in the end.

Clean The Kitchen

The kitchen can be a tricky place to clean because you will be leaving the appliances there and needing to make sure they get cleaned well. Make sure to clean not only the outside of appliances, but the inside as well.

You want to take all of the drawers and shelves out of the refrigerator and give them a good scrubbing with some soap and water. You can do the same with the stove top, taking the burners out and scrubbing them really well. Take the racks out of the oven and clean them with soap and water.

Dust the outside as well and the inside of the kitchen cabinets. Make sure that there are no food crumbs or wet spills left inside of the cabinets. If there is a microwave, heat a cup of water for two minutes, the steam will loosen any stuck on food and then you can easily wipe it off.

Clean The Bathroom

One of the last areas that you want to clean in the house is the bathroom. This is because you and anyone who helps you will need to use the bathroom, so it should be cleaned very last.

Be sure to clean the space behind the toilet, a lot of people forget this area, but it can really build up with dust, hairs and other gross things.

Clean The Floors

Just before leaving you want to sweep all the floors or vacuum and then mop the hard floors. You want to do this last because then no one will be walking on the floors and they will stay clean.

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