The pandemic is certainly life-changing and it has forced all the cleaners to make some serious changes in their cleaning process. Now office cleaning is not only about mopping, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming. But it’s about making sure that each and every surface is clean and virus-free.

Regular sanitation and disinfection become a major part of office cleaning during Covid Pandemic and are given more importance than before.

Cleaners and professional cleaning companies are now focusing more on the protection and safety of their staff and customers. These companies have added more tools and equipment, more effective products, protection and safety gear, and more.

Today in this article we are sharing the right way to clean the office during the Covid Pandemic with the hope that our information will help you in cleaning your office and will protect the health of staff, daily operations, and work environment in your premice.

Procedures you should follow with your office cleaning services:

The process of Office cleaning varies from company to company, however, there are a few things that office cleaning services must include.

1. Prepare a checklist

Preparing a checklist is one of the important parts of any office cleaning job. It not only clears all the cleaning tasks that need to be done but also provides peace of mind to the customer. A checklist also eliminates any kind of manual error as well.

With a dedicated checklist, all possibilities of errors can be eliminated. This is because the cleaning experts will go to every corner of your office and then note down every task and requirement to prepare a detailed checklist. And before leaving the property they’ll check the checklist for the tasks they forgot to do.

2. Draft an action plan

After creating a checklist, adding a Plan of action will make the preparation of office cleaning complete. By preparing an Action Plan you are going an extra mile for your customer. Adding POA to each element will ensure that nothing is left untouched in the office.

For example, if your checklist has complete Bathroom cleaning as a task, your action plan may include different areas, you’ll need to break it down into bits and clean it up. Add even the tiniest elements like your doorknob, flush handle, bathroom mirror, faucet head, etc. to be sure.

Also follow standard protocols make a note of the supplies needed for the specific type of floor and its nature, as well as the tools and equipment you will use to clean these spaces. It will keep everything ready in advance and cleaners will take less time in cleaning.

3. Start with removing dust mites

Dust mites on your surfaces decide how impressive your first impression is going to be. Even when it comes to sweeping and vacuuming, there are a lot of techniques and technical difficulties you need to take seriously.

There are plenty of industry-grade vacuum cleaners and heavy machinery with widely contrasting specifications that you should be fully aware of before using them.

In any type of cleaning, start cleaning work by removing dust mites. Cleaners can use paper towels, wipes, or microfiber cloths to remove dirt particles from each and every surface. Sanitizing wipes can be also used on the surface of electronic gadgets like keyboards, mice, and monitor to make them come free.

4. Follow standard protocols

A professional cleaning company that provides covid19 office cleaning services will always look for procedures and protocols recognized internationally by standards bodies such as WHO, OSHA, and CDC. At the present time businesses are also aware of the global warming effect thus they want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cleaning is an important process that pays extra attention to waste management systems. Hence, green cleaning has become something that people enthusiastically try to follow.

While the guidelines of WHO include precautions and steps for conducting Covid-19 office cleaning, OSHA and CDC provide details of green cleaning. Basically, green cleaning is all about using equipment and organic cleaning compounds. Cleaners normally choose organic supplies that are 100% eco-friendly and EPA-approved and carry the DFE label.

In this way, cleaner provides cleaning only with organic cleaning compounds and helps businesses to get the highest standard of cleaning while not harming the environment.

5. Three-bucket mopping technique

The three-bucket mopping technique is popular among cleaners because of the risk of potential cross-contamination from using the same mop around different areas within the same premises.

In this technique, three buckets are used while mopping. The first bucket will be filled with a washing solution with suitable detergent and hot water.

The second will have a rinse solution that will be used to wash the mop after cleaning each spot. The third bucket will contain a sanitizing solution that you should use after you’ve finished mopping to create a protective cover.

6. Disinfection and Sanitizing for added protection

Sanitation and disinfection have attracted major attention ever since the Covid cleaning services came into existence. And there are some valid reasons behind this, as disinfection and sanitization have been proven effective against the virus responsible for 45 lakh deaths in the last 2 years.

Immediately after cleaning surface-level clean up all your areas such as doorknobs, vending machines, elevator buttons, bathroom dispensaries, electronic gadgets, flush handles, urinals, toilet seats, stair railings, furniture, etc, should be wiped.

While the disinfectant kills all germs from surfaces, the sanitation solution puts a protective covering on your floor space to prevent the accumulation of germs.

Hire a Professional Office Cleaners

There are many disadvantages of hiring local cleaners for cleaning offices during the covid pandemic. The major one is that without proper safety and protection gears the cleaners can be the carrier of viruses and other germs. Some other ones are higher cost, lack of equipment & tools, lack of experience and knowledge, etc.

However, hiring a office cleaning service is a very beneficial way to keep your office clean during this pandemic situation, it is because they will have more and better equipment, more effective products, quality safety and protection gear, and unmatched experience and knowledge.

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