Here’s your clean your house checklist to improve your chances of selling or renting

Anyone looking to sell or rent their property wants to find a buyer or renter quickly and at a good price. To maximize your profit and use your time well, you’ll need to carefully plan your strategy. You’ll already be busy finding a good agent and a place to move in for yourself.

You also need to transform your home into a desirable space where visitors can imagine their futures. For this, you’ll have to do a lot of housekeeping.

Beyond the regular house cleaning, getting ready to sell is a housekeeping project in and of itself. Your home must speak for itself when visitors arrive. A tidy house is inspiring for potential buyers, as they’ll automatically assume you spend energy on upkeep for the property. The market can be competitive, but the simple act of tidying and cleaning makes you a more attractive seller.

Here’s your clean your house checklist to improve your chances of selling or renting.

1. Start Early

It can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large house or a lot of possessions. Start as soon as possible and take note of your weekly objectives. For example, aim to tidy up one room per weekend. If you find you have spare time, add a room each week. You can organize your wardrobe in the evenings to finish more quickly.

By the time people begin visiting, you’ll be so busy that you won’t even have the time to sort your drawers.

2. Depersonalize Your Space

It’s time to put sentimentality aside and begin cleaning. Appreciate the good times you’ve had in this space, but remember you’ll be making all new memories once you’ve moved. This step must be completed before taking photos for putting the unit on the market for sale or rent.

Potential takers have to be able to imagine themselves living in your residence. If you or your family’s personality are visible everywhere, you risk making it harder for potential takers to visualize themselves in the space. It’s best to put away photos of loved ones. You should also put away any décor elements that draw attention to themselves.

That can mean paintings you love, that might not be in everyone’s taste. Don’t assume everyone’s going to love a piece of décor just because you and your friends do. You want to keep the bare minimum of furniture and objects during the months of viewings. You especially don’t want people who are visiting your place to feel like intruders.

And look at the bright side – a lot of your stuff will already be packed up for moving!

3. Organize

Again, so people can envision themselves in your space, all the surfaces must be immaculately clean and tidy. Store your kitchen utensils, your papers and small kitchen appliances. Take the opportunity to sort out plastic cups, pans and spice cabinets in your cupboard. Be ready for curious visitors to look in any cabinet or drawer.

It’s critical that nothing falls on their head or blocks a drawer from opening. Beyond the kitchen, the washroom is a priority to tidy. No one wants to see your toiletries and cosmetic products. Store items you only use occasionally in a box and arrange your necessities tidily in the cabinet

By perfectly arranging your household items in the space you send the message that it’s possible for others to have a tidy life here.

4. Eliminate Odours

Perhaps you’ve seen the television cliché of a house viewing where the agent bakes cookies just before the guests arrive. Odours can truly be pivotal in buyer decision-making.

If it smells bad, it won’t help your cause. Don’t let your brain trick you into thinking the smell of your home is neutral. Each residence has a fragrance of their own. It’s your job to make it pleasant for everyone. Start by changing the linen every couple of days. This includes towels, drapes, dishcloths and rags.

This helps avoid unpleasant humidity odours. Next, neutralize all the carpets in the house. Mix some baking soda with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Sprinkle a good amount on each carpet. Let stand for 2 to 3 hours and then vacuum everywhere. Make sure not to let children or animals on the mixture while it’s standing.

While it’s non-toxic, there’s no need to take any risks. If you have a cat, be sure to clean the litter every day, even when there aren’t any visits planned. To add a pleasant touch, you can spray a natural fragrance about 15 minutes before visitors arrive.

5. Consider the Exterior

After having looked at all the photos and read the description of your property, potential buyers come for physical viewing. The first phase is complete. They’re parked near your home hoping the same thing you are – that they’ve finally found the perfect fit. You only get one chance to create the desired wow-effect.

Don’t mess it up!

To create a look that can convince, at first sight, go outside and take a subjective look at your home. Make simple changes if the outside isn’t inviting. For starters, cleaning the walkways and front-facing windows is essential. Also, mow your lawn frequently so it doesn’t feel like a neglected property.

By following these few steps, you’re giving yourself the best chance to maximize your selling or renting experience, as well as that of your potential takers.

Clearing space and storing things ahead of time also makes your coming move all the easier. Good luck!