How To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus At Your Home

We are all called to take safety precautions and good hygiene habits as much as we can. However, we can’t do it without the aid of some products that ultimately puts a demise on the Coronavirus. Many disinfecting products and cleaning solutions are being made as available to the public as possible. Cleaning yourself and cleaning your homes should be a job well done. As such, many companies are on the move to help in producing these.

The Coronavirus has the ability to stay on surfaces and on steel for up to 72 hours. Some products don’t last long enough to properly kill the strain of the pathogen which can easily be transmitted to something else. There are other areas that require initial cleaning first before the use of the cleaning solution.

While some areas need to be flushed with clean air to drive possible contaminated air away.

As many companies strive to make these cleaning solutions and disinfectants, it still has to follow respective government agency standards. The Coronavirus is not a joke. It requires a powerful product to destroy the strain while maintaining its own non-toxicity and hazardous risk to the person who does the cleaning.

Moreover, there are proper methods and ways to clean surfaces to really lower the growth of the virus in your homes.

In the market for various cleaning solutions, there are differences in products that claim to kill the ongoing virus. Antibacterial products can’t kill a virus.

Instead, people should be searching for antiviral solutions when purchasing cleaning products. To add, products that are alcohol-based or contain ammonia are the best products to completely kill the virus in the area.

To make sure that you have different solutions that can aid in preventing the spread of the pathogen, these are some cleaning solutions that can help prevent spread of Coronavirus:

Soap and water

Hand-washing is your first line of defence against the Coronavirus. Soap and water are essential in making sure that the virus is rinsed off from your hands and drained in the sink. The moment you touch something that can be infested with different microorganisms, you ought to wash your hands.

It might be an old fashioned way of disinfecting, but hand soap and water rid of the virus when you apply the 20-second rule in washing properly.

Bleach solutions

Bleach solutions definitely aid in cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. It kills the protein in the virus that allows for strains to multiply along surfaces. There are different bleach solutions stated in bleach bottle containers.

Follow the recommendations in the label to make the appropriate bleach solutions and deep clean your surfaces. Make sure to wear gloves to avoid skin irritation.

Isopropyl alcohol

Alcohol is the fastest cleaner and disinfectant. By having 70% alcohol, it can kill the virus on surfaces. Let it down for at least 30 seconds then wipe it off after. Isopropyl alcohol can also be used to disinfect the hands and other things.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Also, another solution that can kill and prevent spread of Coronavirus is hydrogen peroxide. You can use it directly on surfaces. However, cleaning fabrics might cause discolouration. Leaving it for 1 minute on a surface can prevent spread of Coronavirus. Some brands’ multi-purpose cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide.


In times like these, it is important to have cleaning products that do well in making your homes clean. Half the battle of disinfecting well is having the appropriate product to work with.

Always check and read up on the cleaning solutions that you will use and practise safe methods of tidying up to prevent spread of Coronavirus.

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We also use cleaning solutions that can really do the job of getting rid of those pathogens.

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