When you think about house cleaning, you may think that cleaning an occupied home would take more time. However, many times this is not the case. When you are switching places, you should think about a empty house cleaning service which basically is a detailed cleaning that takes longer than a regular cleaning because there are many areas and surfaces that are not usually cleaned.

Why An Empty House Cleaning Service Take A Longer Amount Of Time?

Standard professional house cleaning can take only a few hours at the most when is performed on a regular basis. Weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly cleanings assure that the items and surfaces you are constantly in touch with are properly maintained.

Therefore, if your house is cleaned on a regular basis why does an empty house cleaning service take a longer amount time?

Well, an empty house cleaning service will take longer, and the main reason is that areas that are not usually clean will get clean.

There are many areas of your home that don’t get cleaned on a regular maintenance cleaning. Shelves in the kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, pantries and laundry rooms, drawers, under the sinks, shelves inside closets, and the detailed cleaning of light fixtures and air registers.

Cabinet fronts, door facings and frames, you would be shocked to find out exactly how much dust and dirt is actually found in these places.

empty house cleaning service

Regular house cleanings can help keep your home free from dirt, dust, and bacteria. However, during the time that you live in one home, the amount of dirt, grime and build up can increase in those areas that are not cleaned regularly.

There are many areas that most people forget about or just do not think they need to clean. This allows your home to collect a layer of dust, which can make you sick from the bacteria that live in the dirt and dust. For people with allergies, this can make their symptoms worse over time.

Without any furniture and appliances in your home, there are more areas that were not cleaned before and need to be deep-cleaned to make sure that the new tenants will get a sparkling clean house.

An empty house cleaning service can take time because each room needs to be cleaned top to bottom, from ceiling fans down to baseboards. Blinds might get special treatment due to build up that may accumulate over time. The floor, baseboards and walls where refrigerator, washer and dryer used to be, require extra attention and time.

There is also no dusting involved, surfaces are cleaned using microfiber cloths, professional products and a variety of cleaning methods to make sure that all the surfaces are clean and disinfected.

Why Is A Move In-Move Out Cleaning So Important?

empty house cleaning service

There are many reasons why move in move out cleanings are important. Some people want to have it done after they move out so they receive their deposit back.

Some others want to get some extra money for their home. However, these shouldn’t be the only reasons why scheduling an empty house cleaning service is so es sential.

An empty house cleaning service is also a vital part of the home buying process, killing off bacteria that resides in the home you just have bought might help to prevent unwanted circumstances.

If you have a young child in your home or have family members who have weaker immune systems the amount of unique bacteria in our homes can make some people ill, even though no one in your home has been sick.

This is why you should schedule an empty house cleaning service to reduce the probabilities that you or your family would not become sick from the new environment.

In conclusion, an empty house cleaning service is essential when you are switching places, the amount of time these type of cleaning take will depend on size and condition of the house, hence the money spend needs to be seen as an investment.

However, no matter if you are renting, selling or buying there is no better feeling than welcoming the new tenants with a beautifully clean home.

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