Hiring a maid or house help is a luxury. But the fact of the matter is hiring a housemaid is often the most debated topic in every house. Hiring a maid is not only expensive but also requires a lot of research.

The most common question that people face while hiring a maid is whether they want to hire a maid or take up the cleaning task themselves. Let’s try to figure out what would be the right decision.

Hiring a maid or doing the task by yourself?

We have penned down a few questions that will help you decide whether hiring a maid or doing the task yourself is going to ameliorate your life.

1) Do you actually require a maid?

The first question that you need to address is whether you need to hire a maid or not. Never make a decision in a hurry. Hiring a maid means you are allowing another person to enter your premises. They must be trustworthy and credible.

Hence, you need to contemplate whether you need the maid or not. There can be several reasons for you to hire a maid, like you don’t have enough time to clean up space, how much cleaning is required every day, whether you need full-time assistance or not. All these factors are important. Based on it, you should be able to make the final call.

2) What would be the cost of hiring?

The next important parameter that you need to consider is the cost. Hiring a professional and experienced maid is going to come at some cost. Hence, you must be ready for it. Make sure that you contact a local agency and start looking for a professional maid.

A housecleaning service will cost between $25 to $50 per hour. This may vary based on the kind of services you want to avail of.

This pricing also varies based on the location of the house. Hence, you must specify this with the agency before you make the final call.

3) Independent versus corporate maid

The next important question that you need to answer is whether you want to hire an independent maid or corporate maid. Hiring an independent maid would cost you less while hiring a corporate maid will come at a higher cost because of the service charges that you have to pay to the agency.

If you are finding it over the budget, then you can opt for the independent maid. To hire an independent maid, you can speak to the neighbour or your friends; they will give you a trustworthy recommendation. Make sure that before hiring, you must do the background check of the maid. You must personally meet the maid before hiring them.

4) Can you do the cleaning yourself?

One of the important questions that you need to address is whether you can do the cleaning yourself or not. Many people try to take up the charge all by themselves and do the cleaning, but sometimes the task becomes difficult.

Sometimes because of ageing or a busy work schedule it is difficult for the people to do the cleaning job all by themselves, and in such a case hiring a maid becomes important.

Finding the right maid

If you have decided to hire a maid, then the best way would be to look for a trustworthy and professional maid. Make sure they are trained and qualified. You can contact professional agencies for new maid hiring.

This option gives you an assurance that the maid is trustworthy. These companies do the complete due diligence and then make the right recommendation.

You must also make it a point to speak to them individually. Talking to them will make it easy for you to figure out whether or not the maid is good. Don’t miss doing the police verification.

Speak to them about the charges. Many maids charge on an hourly basis, while there are others who will charge on a monthly basis. Some maids also charge on a per square feet basis, which means if you have a smaller apartment, you have to pay less, and in case of a bigger apartment, you have to pay more.

It is important that you must figure out your requirements, and based on them, you start looking for the maid. Having a good house help will always be a boon, but you must not miss the due diligence to ensure that the person is credible.

Concluding thoughts

We have given a detailed overview of how hiring a maid will help you. The final call depends on whether you actually need a maid or not. Hence, you must contemplate your requirements and discuss them with your family before making a final call, and some of the tips that we have shared here will help you in this.

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