Why It is Important to Increase Cleaning Frequency in the Workplace?

Frequent workplace cleaning in Maryland ensures that employees and visitors remain in good health and the workplace also looks neat and clean. In addition, there will be a smaller number of sick leaves taken by employees and help in augmenting productivity of employees.

However, frequency of deep as well as regular cleaning will vary, depending on factors such as size of office, number of employees working, amount of visitor traffic the office witnesses in a given time period.

In the following sections we will explore a few other reasons in favor of increasing cleaning frequency and check the factors that affect cleaning intervals.

cleaning frequency

Factors Affecting Cleaning Frequency

If the office remains closed and unoccupied for longer duration due to holidays, then it will require less frequent cleaning compared to one that remains open most of the days.

Similarly, if there are a greater number of employees then cleaning frequency is to be increased since more people will be tracking in more dirt and debris into office. Other important factors that help you in deciding cleaning frequency for different sections of office building include:

Restroom Cleaning: If the restroom witnesses good amount of traffic then daily cleaning will become necessary. You will have to analyze frequency of restroom visits so that it can be decided whether the restrooms are to be cleaned more than once in a day.

Lobby Cleaning: Being a place where visitors are greeted, lobby needs to be clean and presentable. If there are a lot of visitors coming to your office everyday, then daily cleaning will be the right thing to do.

Exterior Cleaning: Irrespective of whether exterior space consists of glass, requiring window washing or concrete to necessitate pressure washing, cleaning exterior of your building on regular basis will be the right thing to do.

For instance, when windows are cleaned regularly, the lobby area will remain filled with natural light and impart a positive impression on visitors coming to your office. Similarly, pressure washing couple of times every year will be good for your office exteriors.

But, if exteriors comprise of lighter colors such as white concrete or it is an area that experience higher vehicular traffic, then you will need more frequent cleaning.

cleaning frequency

Reasons in Favor of Increasing Cleaning Frequency

  1. Increasing cleaning frequency helps in reducing spread of diseases.
  2. It results in better employee retention since workers prefer to work at work spaces that offer healthier work environment.
  3. It helps in building positive impression about your company in the eyes of visitors and clients coming to your office.
  4. Regular cleaning ensures your floors and carpets last longer since there will be less amount of wear and stains that these surfaces will have to bear.

To summarize it can be said that increasing cleaning frequency at a workplace helps a business in many ways. It results in happier and more productive employees, reduces number of sick leaves employees take, imparts a positive impression on visitors, and increases longevity of flooring, carpets, and other things present in your office.