Because we do house cleaning on a regular basis, we thought of it as a habit which has become our expertise.

Our familiarity with the house cleaning routine at home is so easy to run through without thinking twice about it.

Everything just becomes as easy and quick it can get.

What we don’t realize is because house cleaning has become just as simple as 1 2 3, we thought we made it perfect, each time we do it.

Without realizing that we can improve if we want or avoid mistakes there possible can be.

Mistakes You Need To Avoid on Your Next House Cleaning

The next time you do house cleaning, avoid the following mistakes. Because what you don’t like to happen is to create more harm than do good.

That instead of making the house clean, you just made it more susceptible to the harm of bacteria, viruses and who knows what other not nice elements.

Read it on…

1. Using Dirty Cleaning Tools.

Before you begin your house cleaning, ensure your cleaning tools themselves are in good order.

Make sure you’ve washed those clothes, scrubs, brushes, and mop heads.

Having them sanitized after the previous use makes it clear from germs and bacteria. Empty your vacuum as soon as it becomes full, and change or wash the filter often for optimum performance.

2. Not Cleaning Before Disinfecting.

There’s a difference between cleaning and disinfecting, and the distinction can make or break the way you clean surfaces.

While cleaning can physically remove germs from a surface, disinfecting uses chemicals to actually kill the germs.

If the surface is covered in dust or dirt, however, the disinfectant won’t be able to effectively target the germs, which is why cleaning is an important first step.

Before you reach for the disinfecting spray, ensure the surface is free from residue and debris so the chemicals can do their job.

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3. Wiping Surfaces Too Soon.

Getting the best house cleaning isn’t always as simple as spraying, wiping, and walking away.

Disinfectants take time to work, so patience is key. In some cases, the surface needs to be visibly wet for several minutes to effectively eliminate germs.

Always read the product’s label to determine the recommended contact time for sanitizing or disinfecting.

5. Cleaning Surfaces with Sponges.

Think twice before you reach for the sponge to wipe down your countertops.

Kitchen sponges are notorious for harboring bacteria, which can transfer to other surfaces as you clean.

To avoid spreading germs, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces, or disinfect your sponges regularly and replace them about once a month.

6. Not Providing Proper Ventilation.

When using cleaners containing ingredients like ammonia or bleach, good ventilation is vital.

As you clean, the fumes from these products can be released into the room and irritate your airways.

To help clear the air, turn on the vent fan, open a window, or switch on your air purifier. As soon as you’re done cleaning, leave the room.

The above are the list of mistakes to avoid during house cleaning.

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