The 5 Question To Ask When Hiring A House Cleaning

Asking questions is always important especially if you are going to be paying for something, in this case, a house cleaning service. Asking this five-question will ensure that you get the best deals and the right service you need for your house, as well as a better understanding of what each company can offer.

What is the cost of the service?

This question is commonly asked, but people usually don’t get the most they can from it when they have this information. As basic this question is, by simply knowing the prices of the services, you will be able to compare companies and what they offer for a certain service with others, and see what company provides you with the most, and better services for a smaller amount of money.

You will also be able to know what type of services you can request for the budget you set aside to spend on the process of getting your house cleaned. It’s good to know since you don’t want to be hit with a crazy number after the service is provided.

Do you provide any other services?

You never know if the house cleaning company that is providing you with it’s cleaning services can also provide you with other types of services that you might even be in need of at that same moment.

Carpet cleaning, window washing, and others are some services that companies regularly share and you might not even know.

Knowing that the house cleaning company you trust can also provide you with this variety of services will save you time by not having to request different services from different companies, and it will guarantee that the additional services you are requesting from the same company you have worked with, will also give you the same quality of satisfaction.

What includes in a basic house cleaning service?

Knowing what is included in the package you are planning to get is an important factor that must be considered in order to get all that you were looking for and not be surprised if something you were expecting to be cleaned does not get cleaned.

Even though several companies share the name of packages such as basic cleaning, or standard cleaning, it doesn’t mean that they all include the same services.

Some companies can provide you with cleaning specific things such as oven cleaning, cabinet cleaning, and others, in their basic cleaning while others don’t, and you will have to add them as add-ons, and this will increase the cost of the service.

What package is suited for me?

House cleaning companies provide a good variety of packages that can be suitable depending on the circumstances your house is in. Standard cleaning and deep cleaning are just 2 contrasting examples where you can find different types of cleanings between them.

The frequency of cleaning your house goes into account as well, and the maintenance you provide to it, are factors that will make you decide which type of house cleaning your house requires, giving the company more information about the condition of your house can help ensure that the service you are getting is the right one for you, and make it look perfect just like the day you bought it.

Do they have any promotions or discounts at that moment?

If you are planning on being a frequent client of a certain company, you might as well just ask for any promotions they might have, which in most cases they do.

You can find holiday discounts, seasonal discounts, but where you might benefit the most is with promotions for being a frequent client. Most companies have the option to make a cleaning schedule how frequently you want.

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bimonthly, etc. Making a schedule with a company will give you their best promotions, and even really good discounts for being a frequent client. Not only will you get a good price but once you establish a cleaner they will know exactly how you like your house to be cleaned.

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