Making sure that your Maryland home is its cleanest starts with the right steps and chores. In many cases, a deep cleaning is necessary in ensuring this result and leaving you with a place that will stay tidy for months on end.

You may be wondering, however; what is a deep cleaning? How will it benefit my home? How is it any different from a normal house cleaning?

Regardless of what questions you have, we here at Ana Cleaning are here to answer them in detail so you get a better idea about this type of cleaning job and just how much it benefits your home.

What Is a Deep Cleaning?

In simplest terms, a deep cleaning is a normal cleaning times ten.

It is very often the tasks and duties that a normal clean just does not fulfill.

This includes detailed tasks such as cleaning behind the fridge, deep dusting your rooms, washing blinds, and treating windows.

A deep cleaning encompasses all of the cleaning jobs one would normally overlook.

They are tasks that are just as important for one’s safety and convenience overall.

They take a bit more planning than normal cleaning tasks, and often require a bit more work, but they are important nonetheless.

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Why Is Deep Cleaning So Important?

Don’t get us wrong, daily and weekly cleanings take care of all of the visible dirt within our homes, and this is beneficial.

Even so, you may be shocked to find that some of the most unseen dirty spots of your home are making your space look messy and unsafe for everyone’s lung health.

How can the lack of deep cleaning affect your lung health, you may ask? The answer is in the growth of things like mould, mildew and dust.

When certain spots of your home are left uncleaned (and especially parts that become moist overtime), you are increasing the possibility of mould, mildew and dust growth.

All of these irritants have been known to damage one’s lungs and lead to poor air quality within the home.

This situation is made even worse for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

When you perform a deep clean on your home, all of these unseen and untouched areas will be taken care of so the growth of mould and dust is near impossible.

After all, the longer a spot is left to collect grime and bacteria, the higher and higher the risk of mould/dust is.

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How Do I Know When I Need a Deep Cleaning?

In most cases, our team recommends that you get a deep cleaning done on your home about twice a year.

If you’re new to the world of cleaning services, we also advise that you begin with seasonal cleanings, as these are a great way to start.

Things such as fall cleanings and spring cleanings help make your place look and be its absolute best.

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